Bascinet helmet


Bascinet Helmet.

Made from 1.4mm thick sheet metal.

Intended for LARP.

Inside the helmet, there is a padded lining made of quilted fabric – soft.

Helmet fits head size 56-60cm.

Weight: 3,25kg.


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Brand: Lordofbattles
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Discover a masterpiece of medieval weaponry and personal protection with our Bascinet Helmet. This knightly masterpiece is a faithful reconstruction of the iconic helmet worn by knights in medieval Europe.

The Bascinet Helmet, characterized by its conical construction, offers excellent head protection while maintaining exceptional maneuverability and user comfort. Crafted from the highest quality steel and meticulously finished, our Bascinet Helmet reflects the master craftsmanship of the era, providing not only unparalleled protection but also a unique aesthetic appeal.

Perfect for LARP enthusiasts, history buffs, and collectors alike, our Bascinet Helmet is an essential piece in assembling authentic medieval knight gear. Allow yourself to journey through time and embody the spirit of medieval knights.