Early medieval trousers made of wool, choose Your color


Early Medieval Trousers: A Unique Product for History and Style Enthusiasts

Welcome to our store. Our product is not just a reflection of historical fashion but also a blend of meticulous craftsmanship, comfort, and customization to meet your individual needs.

Product Features:

Natural and Breathable Material:
Our early medieval trousers are made from 100% wool – a natural and breathable material that ensures exceptional comfort. It’s an ideal solution for those who appreciate natural fibers and want to feel both stylish and comfortable simultaneously.

Precision in Sewing:
Every detail of our trousers is the result of the precise work of our craftsmen. The precision in sewing ensures durability and aesthetic appeal, while also paying homage to the craftsmanship tradition of the Viking era.

Cut Inspired by Viking Age Finds:
Our early medieval trousers draw inspiration from archaeological finds from the Viking Age, providing not only authenticity but also a unique design that echoes history. It’s a remarkable way to transport yourself through time and feel the spirit of this fascinating era.

Customized Size and color choice:
We take pride in offering Viking trousers tailored to your individual dimensions. After purchase, please provide your waist circumference and leg length measured from the crotch to the ground in the comments to order. In the absence of such information, we automatically send trousers in a universal size. Also include information about the color you expect to receive.

Discover the uniqueness and beauty of early medieval fashion with our trousers. Order today and get ready for a journey through history with our exceptional product.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash at a maximum of 30C, slowly dry without the use of heat sources and direct sunlight. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the shrinkage of natural materials.

Completion time up to 2 weeks.

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