Gjermundbu helm


Gjermundbu helm is made of 2mm steel. Helmet made entirely according to the find.

Good for historical reenactment. If you want your Viking outfit to be unique and complete, this helmet is for you! A helmet for the commander, a great warrior, made with exceptional precision. Every part of it is made perfectly. Zoom in on the photo and see for yourself! The highest quality at Wojmir!

Please choose the size of the Gjermundbu helm including arming cap.

Keep in mind that: my arming caps increase the circumference of the head by about 5-6 cm. For example, if you have a bare head circumference of 60 cm and want to buy a helmet with a quilted cap, choose the size 66 cm. if you intend to buy an additional leather lining, choose a size 2 cm larger, i.e. 68 cm. If you have any doubts, write to me I will be happy to help!

The deadline is 3-45 days.

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