Great helmet, pot helm for LARP


Great Helmet. Pot helm.

Made of 1.2mm thick sheet metal.

Intended for LARP.

Inside the helmet, there is a padded lining made of quilted fabric – soft.

Helmet fits head circumference up to 64cm.

Weight: 2.4kg.


Product available

Brand: Lordofbattles


Great helmet, also known as pot helm, were a popular type of helmets used in medieval Europe, especially in the 13th century. Here are some important facts about them:

Construction: Great helmet were characterized by their distinctive shape resembling a kettle or hemisphere. They had a rounded form that covered the entire head and often extended downward to the neck, providing protection for both the head and neck.

Material: Iron or steel. This material provided solid protection against impacts.

Protection: Great helmets offered solid head protection due to their construction, which absorbed and dispersed the force of impacts. Some models had additional face protectors, such as eye and nose guards, to provide extra protection.

Application: Great helmets were widely used by knights and warriors in medieval battles and skirmishes. Their sturdy construction and effective protection made them a popular choice among soldiers of that period.

Evolution: Over time, pot helmets evolved to adapt to changing needs and technologies. For example, in later periods, many helmets of this type were equipped with visors to provide additional protection for the face and neck.

Great helmets are a fascinating element of medieval armor and are an important part of the military history of this period.