Haithabu klappenrock.

Sewn for the VIKINGS, designed for combat. The caftan has been sewn with a strong threa. Made of thick wool of excellent quality. Supplemented with a trimming made of diamond-patterned wool. Lining made of linen. Premium materials add authenticity to your Viking clothing. It is also a great complement to Viking armor. In such a Haithabu caftan, you can confidently go out to fight at the largest events / battles of historical reconstruction, such as: Wolin, Neustadt-Glewe, Utgard, Moesgard, Trelleborg, Archeon and others. After putting on and fastening the belt, the caftan is ready for use.

Battle ready Haithabu klappenrock.

If you ask yourself whether I need such a caftan. The answer is: yes – if you value: safety, good protection, comfort, freedom of movement, comfort of use or when you are completing a Viking clothing. When fighting with a sword or a long Danish ax. You no longer have to be afraid of being hit, the only thing that will remain are bruises, which you will proudly display around the bonfire after the fight 🙂


Hedeby (Haithabu) is a medieval Viking settlement located in what was then Denmark on the Jutland peninsula. The multitude of finds from the area of ​​the settlement proves how important the port was on the maps of early medieval Europe. Hedeby, Birka or Wolin are trading settlements (ports) where trades were held and the skills of craftsmen were developed. Making armaments, helmets, swords, household items or beautiful Viking boats. I recommend also a 100% wool caftan, look here.

Haithabu klappenrock type 3

210,00 230,00 

Size chart.

S: chest circumference 90-100cm, sleeve length 60cm, total length 105cm

M: chest circumference 100-110cm, sleeve length 62cm, total length 105cm

L: chest circumference 110-120cm, sleeve length 62cm, total length 110cm

XL: chest circumference 120-130cm, sleeve length 64cm, total length 110cm

XXL: chest circumference 130-140cm, sleeve length 66cm, total length 115cm

* if you have more than 40 cm in your biceps, please let me know.

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