Hand forged Thor’s hammer – Mjolnir


Hammer of Thor, Norse God, ruler of war, storm and thunder. The symbol of a true Viking. A symbol of courage, independence and masculinity. The power of a hand-forged iron hammer awaits…

For whom? For the reenactor who wants to faithfully reproduce the early medieval Viking. For Jarl Ragnar, Leif, Einar, Thorkil. King Canute, Harald Fairhair and …. Can you play any character? For fans of Cosplay and LARP. If you create a character from Norse mythology, a strong Scandinavian or a Norse warrior, this Viking jewelry is for you.

Don’t have a Double Power Belt? You don’t have iron gloves? Don’t have THOR’s Hammer? You can change it! You can have iron gloves, a power doubling belt and a hammer right now!

I invite.

Comes with a leather strap.

Length 6cm.

Weight 43 grams.

Product available

Brand: Lordofbattles

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