LEATHER GAUNTLETS – very safe, ideal for HEMA and historical reenactment, for full contact combat (huscarl, buhurt).

Leather gauntlets – KNOW HOW. I have been dealing with historical reconstruction for over 20 years. My experience paid off, allowing me to create a relatively light glove made of natural, beautiful, grain leather, shaped and fitted to the hand. I made the protective plates from thick vegetable tanned leather with a thickness of 6-7mm, additionally hardened in wax. The leather is strong and cannot be broken (as in some plastic products). I believe that leather is the perfect material for this type of product. My experience in working with leather: shaping and hardening it, allowed me to create a product that is at the forefront of leather gauntlets. The gloves are used at historical events such as Wolin or Neustadt-Glewe. Increasingly, Hema enthusiasts also see the potential of the glove and use it in ancient martial arts for swords, katanas, sabers, etc.


Do you want to be good, fast, and at the same time have good hand protection? After all, you want to feel confident and safe because you know that after a fight you return to work where you need your fingers, whole and healthy? This glove will give you that… My clients: reenactors, enthusiasts of HEMA, melee weapons, Vikings and LARP are people from all over the world. They appreciate the safety and low weight of the glove (620 g), as well as professional workmanship and pleasant appearance. You try it too!


In the 21st century. In the era of electronics and mass production, true hand made is increasingly appreciated. All seams of the glove are handcrafted for ultimate durability. The Wojmir brand means durability and comfort of use, we don’t care about the trend of programmable quality, unless we program for longevity and indestructibility.

Leather gauntlets QUALITY.

When you take the gloves in hand, put them on, grab the hilt of the sword, you will appreciate the softness and durability of the top-quality grain leather used.


I know from experience that the hand that forms a whole with the glove and weapon is the most desirable! That is why I created gauntlets in 4 sizes, for you, for your convenience, comfort and satisfaction.

So if you’re looking for sword fighting gauntlets, you’ve come to the right place.



85,00 90,00 


WEIGHT ONLY 620 grams in size L.

Total protection of the outer and inner part of the hand.

SIZES: (hand length)

S: Under 18cm

M: 18-19cm

L: 19-21cm

XL: over 21cm


Brand: Wojmir

Do you need a special dimension? write to me


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