askhip flA leather hip flask. Techniques.

Leather hip flask made of 3 mm thick, vegetable-tanned leather. Cured and sealed with 100% natural beeswax. A leather canteen, you can also say a leather waterskin closed with a wooden stopper. Sewn by hand with waxed linen thread. Capacity 0.2 liters. You buy it with a leather thong to hang on your shoulder, which will make it a great match for your outfit and will not disturb you while walking.

Is it for me?

Great for all social uses. Perfect for a gift. Perfect for outdoor and survival. If you are a craft lover, you don’t care about programmable quality and you can appreciate real natural handmade – handicraft. This product is for you. I also recommend cow horns, which you can buy here.

How to use a leather hip flask?

Remember not to expose the flask made of leather to high temperatures. Do not expose to direct sunlight, do not fill with warm, do not fill anything over 40%. In fact, use your imagination and use it in a way known only to you. Be an explorer
IMPORTANT, when opening, grasp the neck of the hydration bladder closest to the cap and twist to open. Twisting the neck of a leather bottle can cause leakage.

The leather hip flask is a COLLECTOR’S product.

Leather hip flask type 7



After purchase in the comment, please enter your initials that will be engraved on the hip flask. The maximum number of characters is 6. Example: D.B. (total 4 characters)

Regardless of whether you choose a waterskin with or without personalization, the price of the canteen will not change.

Capacity 0.2l.


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