Novgorod shoes type 1B, HAND SEWN


Novgorod shoes are made of cowhide with a thickness of 3.2 to 3.5 mm. The pattern of the shoes is based on the find and is consistent with its pattern.

Height 50cm.

Very durable, comfortable, pleasantly soft, perfect for everyday use. A product made of the highest quality leather, hand-stitched with linen waxed thread. Tailored to size, tied with straps (included with the shoes). The inserted leather counter guarantees high durability. The thick 4.5-5mm sole ensures long-lasting use. Altogether, you have about 8mm of leather under your foot!

It’s best to take all measurements with thin socks. If you plan to wear thick woolen socks, please note that in the COMMENTS TO ORDER section – this affects the size of the shoes.


EU SIZE / INSOLE LENGTH / FOOT LENGTH – provide the most commonly used size in modern footwear. To ensure you’ve chosen the right size, measure the insole of the shoes you wear daily and compare that length to the measurements on the form on the website. In the gallery, you’ll find a drawing with instructions on how to take measurements. You can also trace your foot on paper, holding the pencil perpendicular to the ground, then measure the length of your foot from toe to heel, adding 0.5cm.

FOOT WIDTH – trace your foot on paper, holding the pencil perpendicular to the ground, then measure the width of your foot at its widest point.

INSTEP CIRCUMFERENCE – measure the circumference at the indicated point, loosely.

INSTEP CIRCUMFERENCE / HEEL – measure the circumference at the widest possible point on the foot, between the instep and the heel, loosely.


If you want the shoes additionally impregnated – click on the link: SHOE IMPREGNATION – SERVICE

If you want an additional rubber sole – click on the link: RUBBER SOLE – ADDITIONAL OPTION

If you want shoes with a studded sole – click on the link: SHOE HOBNAILED – SERVICE

Completion time within 14 days – counted from the moment the payment is credited to the account. During the peak season of May/August, the deadline may extend to 21 days.

I have 20 years of experience in producing footwear for reenactors, which you’ll feel when walking in the shoes made by me: comfortably for many, many years…

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