Signal horn


Signal horn, large, beautifully polished, brass-bound, a great idea for an extraordinary gift.

The length of the signal horn measures 40-50cm along the outer curve.

If you’re looking for an original item for a reenactment event, LARP gathering, or simply want to embody your favorite character and need a horn for cosplay attire, this product is for you.

An attribute of a true Viking.

Fun fact:

Signal horns—sometimes called “medieval plastic”—are so named due to their resemblance to the plastic of that era. However, the horn purchased at is entirely natural.

The product is made from natural cow horn, resulting in a unique appearance. Colors range from black to creamy, sometimes with a hint of yellow—a purely natural horn appearance. This also applies to the shape of the horn, which can be straight or curved.

Horns are chosen randomly. If you require a specific color or shape, please contact us before making your purchase.

A collector’s item.

Product available

Brand: Lordofbattles

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