A word about the Greater Poland helmet from Giecz – Slavic helmet. Find.

This beautifully decorated Slavic helmet of Eastern provenance has decorations in the shape of a crown or leaves with the middle longest one. The original is now in the museum in Poznań. The find was dated to the 11th century. The height of the find without the sleeve is 22 cm. The helmets of a similar structure had a characteristic rosette on the sides in the shape of leaves, or rather four leaves. And the traces on the copper sheets have traces of repoussage, a technique of punching patterns in thin sheet metal. If you want to read about helmets found in Poland, check here.

Greater Poland helmet from Giecz. Nowadays.

The helmets offered on my website (see also the helmet from Olszówka here) are made with the utmost care. Every detail is refined. Perfectly matched repoussé plates. The beautifully, slightly porous structure of the sheet reflects the characteristics of iron with a heterogeneous structure obtained in bloomeries. Such iron was used for the production of early medieval helmets.

How is made.

Iron from 1000 years ago and today’s modern steel, we can’t compare them. Therefore, helmets are currently made of modern high-quality 2mm thick sheets with very good parameters and impact resistance. The Greater Poland helmet is a Slavic helmet for full contact combat in the historical reconstruction of the Viking Age. Do you participate in safe-weapon fights? Are you participating in the Battle of Wolin at the Festival of Slavs and Vikings? If the answer is yes. This helmet is for you. Also remember about safety on the battlefield. Be reasonable folks!


Greater Poland helmet from Giecz, Slavic helmet


Giecz helmet, made of 2mm sheet. Safe for early medieval reenactment.

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