Chain mail Historical overview.

Chain mail was already used in antiquity. In Rome, it was called lorica hamata. In the early Middle Ages, it initially had the form of a short-sleeved shirt with a short sleeve to mid-thigh. And the rings that were used for its production are about 7 to even 14 mm. Later, the form of chain mail evolved to cover an increasingly large area. The sleeves became longer, it reached the knees, at the peak of its splendor in the 13th century. The medieval knight practically from head to toe was dressed in chain mail, an integrated hood, mittens and chain mail leggings completed the knight’s armament. In later centuries, chain mail was used to cover more sensitive places that were not covered by plate armour. In the Renaissance, chainmail took on a rather “light” form, the rings were much smaller, often only 5mm in diameter, and additional elements included a misiurka, a chainmail head cover.

Chain mail today.

Today chain mail is made of much better quality steel. In the Middle Ages, mainly bloomery iron of poor porous quality with a large amount of impurities was used. The most popular chainmail available on made of 9mm flat rings riveted alternately with punched rings. This form of chain mail was often found in the Middle Ages. The time of execution was shortened and full circles were added in every second row for greater durability. My chainmails are beautifully reproduced medieval replicas. I invite you to buy them.

Chain mail 9mm flat rings round riveted alternate SILVER

310,00 425,00 

Riveted chainmail, short sleeves to the middle of the thigh. Made of rings with a diameter of 9mm, round rivet, alternating with die-cut circles. Silver look.

Best choice for reenactment viking combat!

Chain mails offered by me are of proven quality. For over a dozen seasons, reenactors have been putting them under tough conditions and testing them tirelessly …

Specification (SIZE):

M – weight 8kg, chest circumference when fully stretched 120cm *, minimum length 74 cm, sleeve circumference 50 cm, sleeve length 25 cm

L – weight 9 kg, chest circumference when fully stretched 136 cm *, minimum length 78 cm, sleeve circumference 56 cm, sleeve length 28 cm

XL – weight 10.5 kg; chest circumference when fully stretched 152cm *, minimum length 82cm, sleeve circumference 60cm, sleeve length 30cm

* when buying chainmail, remember to provide slack for easy dressing, after measuring the chest in the gambeson, add about 20-25cm to the circumference to get the size you need, more slack is often taken with joy because it does not restrict movement. I am asking for thoughtful size selection or consultation before buying.


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